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EZ Mark Bookmarks


Thank you for your interest in EZ-Mark Bookmarks. EZ Mark Bookmarks is a division of Holm Productions Inc. which has been specializing in make-it-at-home businesses since 1998. We produce and distribute quality, hand crafted, specially designed bookmarks.

We have people make our quality bookmarks from their own home. They are made out of embroidery thread and are assembled by simply tying knots and braiding.



We pay our producers $117.50 for one unit (35) of quality bookmarks, to that we add $15.00 for reimbursement for the supplies and postage. We do have a start up cost, which is $15.00 for the kit, $14.00 for the registration and $4.95 for shipping and handling - that is a total of only $33.95. The kit contains enough material for your first 3 book marks, instructions, diagrams and a quality control number if you need assistance making a bookmark. We also have sample bookmarks that are available for an additional $5.00.



We need your help!

Have you ever wanted to:

Earn extra cash weekly?

Set your own hours?

Work at home?

Be your own boss?

When you sign up, we will rush your start up kit to you! In your kit you will receive easy to follow instructions, clear diagrams and the material needed to make your first 3 EZ-Mark Bookmarks! When you send us a unit of 35 quality bookmarks, we will pay you! For each unit that meets the specifications listed in the instructions, you will be paid $117.50 for the bookmarks, and $15.00 for the supplies and shipping. This is a total of $132.50 per unit! We will buy up to 3 units per week. Supplies are easy to find at any Craft stores or you may get the materials from us.

That's $352.50 PROFIT PER WEEK!


We want to rush your start up kit to you today! We accept checks, money orders, Visa and MasterCard. The registration cost is $14.00; the start up kit cost is $15.00 and the shipping and handling is $4.95 for a total of only $33.95. This is to get your account set up in our system and the start up kit. Your kit will be mailed within 24 business hours after we receive your order.

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EZ Mark Bookmarks

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